Semi-Hiatus Announcement

Hey Guys!! Hope everyone is doing well. So I've actually been thinking about this for quite a while, and I've decided that to go on a hiatus for the first part of freshman year. I hope it's not too selfish to want to be able to focus on adjusting to living in a new country… Continue reading Semi-Hiatus Announcement


This or That Challenge

Hey guys, I was cleaning through my drafts, and found this!! I know it's very very late, but I couldn't help but post it. So here is another challenge made by the Book Princess Reviews. For this challenge, you’ll be forced to choose between extremes: do you align more with one option, or the other?… Continue reading This or That Challenge


March Non-Bookish Favourites | 2019

Happy March guys! Hope you guys had a good month. Instagram I revamped my Instagram!! So my friend Christina, who reads a lot and has such an eye for colour and aesthetic, met up to recreate my bookstagram. It's now called @little.white.bookshelf and she's been snapping some really amazing pictures. Thank you, Christina!! I'd also… Continue reading March Non-Bookish Favourites | 2019


January Non-Bookish Favourites | 2019

Yay, first non-bookish wrap up this year!! Ahhh, I ended up missing the New Years Countdown, so I'm still having difficulty getting into the 2019 vibes. (I still write 2018, can anyone relate?) Anyways, let's begin with my non-bookish favourites of January!! Movies A Quiet Place - Not as scary, but much more resonant. Finished… Continue reading January Non-Bookish Favourites | 2019


December Non-Bookish Favorites | 2018

Hey guys! OMG this is my last Non-Bookish Favorites for 2018. Honestly, I love compiling my monthly favorites because it allows me to take a glimpse of my month through a series of things that I loved and enjoyed. Well, here's my December one! Clothing Is it even possible to not get clothing as a… Continue reading December Non-Bookish Favorites | 2018


November Non-Bookish Favourites | 2018

It's the 2nd last month before 2019!! Eeeek, but really, I'm so excited, and a little bit scared. In a few weeks, admission decisions are out, and I really don't want to know. Honestly, trying to get into an open mindset, but it's definitely harder than I thought. Anyways, that's why we have book blogging,… Continue reading November Non-Bookish Favourites | 2018


October Non-Bookish Favourites | 2018

Here are my non-bookish favorites! Movies Pieces of April In this 2003 film, Peter Hedge captures the struggles of a family as they try to reunite with their wayward daughter for a Thanksgiving meal. It's a really beautiful piece about the coming together of a dysfunctional family as they overcome their faults and mistakes of… Continue reading October Non-Bookish Favourites | 2018


September Non-Bookish Favourites | 2018

Here are my monthly favourites! I love doing this post because it feels like a small snapshot of a glance into my month. Skin Care Infinite Aloe - I started using this every day before bed, and I'm finding my skin a lot better in the morning. I have acne-prone skin, but I find that this… Continue reading September Non-Bookish Favourites | 2018