December Non-Bookish Favorites | 2018

Hey guys! OMG this is my last Non-Bookish Favorites for 2018. Honestly, I love compiling my monthly favorites because it allows me to take a glimpse of my month through a series of things that I loved and enjoyed. Well, here’s my December one!



Is it even possible to not get clothing as a gift? But honestly, I loved my gifts so 😛

Plush Ribbed-Trim Sweater at Forever 21 – at first, I was iffy about it, because it was kind of cropped, but that can be fixed with a tank top 😛 But I loved it! Really fuzzy and soft, it felt like I was wearing velvet, perfect for the winter season.

Flannel Hooded Shirt Jacket at Eddie Bauer – ack, I think this is going to be my favorite sweater. Super warm 🙂

Plush Ribbed-Trim SweaterImage result for eddie bauer plaid hoodie


Back at it again with comfort foods: chocolates and sweets. But then again, it’s Christmas time.

Ferrero Rochers – the classic, aren’t they?

Lindt – ahhh another classic 🙂

Roca Chocolates – pretty new to me, but they’re amazing. Nutty with a hard caramel filling, who can resist?

Honestly, it’ll be a surprise if I don’t gain several pounds and some cavities at the end of this year.


Ooops – well, I mean there were a few. I didn’t have the time and energy (this month was hella tiring) to write reviews.

Edit: Ack but for the sake of ending the year well, why not.

Source Code – Really interesting premise. Definitely enjoyed this (but I might be biased by Jake Gyllenhaal). At first, it felt like the Day After Tomorrow, since it is about a guy going back in time over and over and over… But this one was pretty interesting. If you’re kinda into a little sci-fi, action, and a tiny ounce of romance, go for it!

I Feel Pretty – Amy Schumer did a pretty good job being a relatable character. I definitely found myself laughing at times. The beginning was great, but I felt like the ending could have been done better.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween – Ahaha, watching Halloween movies in December. Its a family movie with is more catered towards middle school or younger I would say. Enjoyable nonetheless 🙂


Source Code PosterI Feel PrettyGoosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween


Secrets by Jacob Lee

Can We Dance by The Vamps


What are your non-bookish favorites? Let me know down below!


Happy New Years!!

3 thoughts on “December Non-Bookish Favorites | 2018

  1. I love Lindt’s mint version! And clothing-wise, I received a marmalade-coloured fluffy beret from my parents for Christmas that I’m not too sure about…😄


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