Review: Natalie’s Diary by Keri Halfacre

Natalie's Diary

Title: Natalie’s Diary
Author: Keri Halfacre
Type: Fiction
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Publisher: Wattpad
Date published: 2016
Format: eBook
Page Count: 407

Rating: 5/5

**Shout out to Hanlin for recommending me this :)**

Natalie Driscoll is dead.

Much like how she flung herself out a window, Natalie also flung Jane into the middle of Cullfield’s mysteries. Following Natalie’s instructions leads Jane to three other high school students and all of them seem to have something to hide, something that might have to be unraveled through the course of following Natalie’s diary.


“You can’t trust anyone in Cullfield”

After Natalie’s death, Jane gets pulled into the town’s decade long mysteries and secrets with the appearance of the dead girl’s diary. Jane soon finds herself working with three high school students as they follow directions that Natalie had written from them. Natalie brought them together, but they have no connection to each other … or do they?

Everything seems coincidental … or is it?

It’s a murder mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Natalie had sent out letters

Jane Madarang

Having moved to Cullfield because of her dad’s work, Jane is adamant on finishing the year and returning back to Boston where everything is familiar. Having only spent a year in Cullfield, she’s still new to the town’s old roots and buried past.

Drys Davenport

Drys had the kind of intensity that put that often put people at unease. He wasn’t easy to socialize with people who were good at socializing, let alone for an evident loner who was deeply unhappy.

Kate Haumann

As the popular girl in school, Kate hides behind her lighthearted facade. Despite acting carefree around her friends, she’s not as happy as she seems. Having her dad disappear almost ten years ago, she has burdens to carry.

Dean Garnett

Dean is the model student, star athlete, and not to mention his family has connections to the Cullfield county. He’s the kind of guy who puts nervous people at ease. But his calm and confident demeanor falls at the absence of an audience.

(Ok, I know they start off as stock characters, but they begin to develop from the get go)


God, the plotting and the setting up are amazing. The amount of thought and research the author did into writing the story. She managed to create this realistic fictional town with a network of secrets and lies as well as characters that are so layered and unreliable: essential ingredients for a great thriller. With a typical mystery read, you want to be in the shadows. And as you tug on a string, you find everything else unraveling with it. I applaud how Keri Halfacre successfully established such an intricate plot and a catalyst to cause this chain of events.

What more impressive is how all of this was done with such a relatively short novel. It goes to show how she doesn’t waste time with filler or the unnecessary. I personally loved the fact that it was on the shorter end (selfish, I know) so that I was able to finish it in one sitting (err more like several sittings in one day, which is really good coming from me)


I know there are often prejudices about books on Wattpad. I got looks from my friends while reading this on the Wattpad site. But there are actually some pretty well-written books on the platform and this is a prime example of one of them. Halfacre has a great balance of description, drama, and dialogue that sends you along on the read. Also, with the cast option on Wattpad (casting roles to actors/actresses), I felt like I was playing out this book like a movie in my head. It was all so vivid and the readers truly felt like they were seeing it vicariously through Jane’s POV. For the full experience, read this at night.


Interested in knowing what this is about?

Head on over –> Natalie’s Diary by Keri Halfacre

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3 thoughts on “Review: Natalie’s Diary by Keri Halfacre

  1. I love mysteries where everything and everyone seem unconnected, but actually is! I’m definitely checking this out on Wattpad now 😊

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