November Non-Bookish Favourites | 2018

It’s the 2nd last month before 2019!! Eeeek, but really, I’m so excited, and a little bit scared. In a few weeks, admission decisions are out, and I really don’t want to know. Honestly, trying to get into an open mindset, but it’s definitely harder than I thought. Anyways, that’s why we have book blogging, to distract you from the angst and stress from everyday life 🙂

So without further ado, here are my monthly favorites:



Great, so at first, I was worried that I wouldn’t watch any videos this month, but Thanksgiving weekend came around. (It’s funny, because I live in Canada, so we don’t actually have a break, but a friend came over, so a movie marathon it was :P)

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The Shining

Aha, I had pretty high expectations for the film, given it was a horror film. But honestly, it was more of a thriller, so while it wasn’t scary, I definitely felt my heart rate increase for the second half of the film. But, I really can’t shake off the psychological aspect of it, it still chills me to the bones. Lol, it probably wasn’t as scary since I was watching it with the family.

The Addams Family / The Addams Family Values

Haha, it was actually hilarious. This was actually my type of humor, and I loved the family. Honestly, Wednesday fits the “dull and stoic girl” stock character that I usually would hate, but I loved her a lot. And the husband and wife, Gomez and Morticia, were so absurdly passionate that I found myself laughing more than cringing. But yeah, the perfect movies for Thanksgiving.

Stranger than Fiction

So this story is about Harold Crick, who hears a voice in his head and realizes that its the voice of a narrator. He soon realizes he is the main character of a story, and yeah, the story goes from there. We watched it for English class, and I thought it was great. It has a stellar cast (I usually don’t really like Will Ferrell, but it was nice seeing him in a serious role). Also, it has super cool film sets and there are quite a few literary motifs in the story (I mean, it’s about a character in the book). I enjoyed it a lot.

The Circle

Unpopular opinion, I’m iffy about Emma Watson’s acting. Although she fit Hermoine Granger in HP really well, I can’t see her in other roles. I definitely had an issue with Watson’s acting in this film. And the characters felt really flat. Regardless, I found the concept of the story really interesting, but I just wasn’t really content with the ending.

Lol, I’m usually really satisfied with movies…


This is a semi-true story about students from MIT who earned money from Vegas by counting cards in Black-Jacks. Lol, it was super cool, and I found the dramatic sub-plot just right. It has an edge of action-thriller at the end, which I love. But yeah, I really enjoyed this, and it was a great way to end the movie marathon.



Pho – I just had this in such a long time, and it was heavenly. The steam, the soup, the nooooodles. Lol, sorry guys, but I’m like super weird this month.

Roasted Walnuts – I’m blessed to have friends whose parents are master chefs.

Taro Buns – It’s like steamed buns, but taro flavored. But honestly, it’s just that I like carbs 😛

***Notice how there’s less sugary stuff than the previous months?? I hope this is a trend.



My mom is a low key shopaholic, and it becomes really prevalent when the winter season comes (all the sales). So she’s been obsessing over Uniqlo and their Heattech turtlenecks. I’ll have to admit, they’re super comfy and warm. Other than the fact that people keep telling me that I kinda look like Steve Jobs in the shirt, I really like them as well. I mean, my mom definitely likes it; she’s bought 6 and counting…



Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max – I don’t even know why this hypes me up so much. I’m not the only one right?

Trust My Lonely by Alessia Cara – She’s honestly a sweetheart. And this song is so catchy 😛 I think I loved this song and her more after watching the music video.

Lonely by Jonghyun, Taeyeon – You never truly know happiness without knowing sadness.

OMG, now that I think of it, I should create a playlist in case I get rejected from my schools. Yo, that’s a genius idea…

BUT before I end this Monthly Favourites, I just wanted to add another video that I fell in love with on youtube. So, as much as I am the polar opposite of artistic talent, I love watching others dance. And I love Kyle Hanagami’s choreography. I also love shipping Kyle with Haley. This is a duet they did for There’s No Way and it’s beautiful. OML


What are your favorites this month? Let me know down below!!

Who’s ready for December?? Ahhh, so much is going to happen: Uni decisions, my birthday, winter vacation!!

Love you guys ❤


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