April Non-Bookish Favourites | 2019

Here are some of my monthly non-favourites for April!



Image result for kombucha raspberry lemon

Kombucha Raspberry Lemon – You guys might think I’m crazy for picking this up, but I was super keen on finding out what Kombucha was all about. I was told it had a pretty pungent taste, so I tried to pick a flavor that would be a little bit more manageable, so that was how I ended up with Raspberry Lemon. It’s actually pretty good. There’s a bit of a acidic aftertaste (think apple cider vinegar) but the overall flavor is pretty good. I might be biased because of all the health benefits 😉


Image result for insomnia cookiesI have discovered Insomnia Cookies, which is a bakery in Boston that has really really really good cookies. They’re on the sweet side, but there are so many flavors. I think I probably devoured half a dozen during my three days in Cambridge. An absolute must go.


Image result for lindor chocolate eggs

BIG TIP – Buy Easter chocolate after Easter weekend. They literally go 50% off or more. So I went shopping with my friend Christina to the local Lindt store and I bought several bags of Lindor chocolate eggs, all for less than $30!! I’d say it was a pretty good deal. I still have a few stash in my kitchen cabinet 😛



Brooklyn Nine-Nine PosterAlita: Battle Angel PosterMemoirs of a Geisha PosterPretty in Pink PosterExplained PosterOcean's Eight PosterAnne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in One Day (2011)Becoming Jane Poster

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – I know, I know, I’m hella late. But this is actually so funny. And the fact that each episode is only 20 minutes long appeals to my afraid-of-commitment soul.

Alita: Battle Angel – I went out with my AP Physics group to watch this. It’s a sci-fi movie set in the future with has a cyber-punk kind of feel. What’s interesting is that most of the movie characters are actors and actresses, but the main character Alita is CGI. It was a great movie with a lot of action (maybe a bit too much gore) and amazing character dynamic.

Memoirs of a Geisha – I really enjoyed reading the book, which must be why I enjoyed the movie a lot.

Pretty in Pink – John Hughe’s 80s romcom movie. Wasn’t great, but iconic? …Yeah, I guess. Came for Molly Ringfield, stayed for Andrew McCarthy.

Image result for Andrew McCarthy blane gif

Explained – It’s in a documentary style, but the episodes are short. There were some episodes that are super interestings, others not so much. It all depends on your preferences. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed them.

Ocean’s Eight – Haven’t watched Ocean’s Eleven, but this gem was offered on the plane (I was on a lot of plane rides this month). I’m very very biased by the cast, but I found this one quite enjoyable.

One Day – Only available on Netflix. Hence, I grabbed the opportunity that I could. It’s kind of like Love, Rosie but without the rose-tinted windows and more realistic. Again, I’m incredible biased. I love Jim Sturgess from 21 and it’s difficult to find a reason to hate Anne Hathaway when she’s portrayed like Mia from Princess Diaries. Also, movies that make me cry are always good movies.

Becoming Jane – Three things. James McAvoy. Anne Hathaway. Jane Austen. Must I say more? Oh yeah, also, I bursted in to tears on the last scene when LeFroy said “Jane”.

You may have noticed I went on an Anne Hathaway movie marathon. Don’t worry, I noticed it too.


I’m like digging into LoFi music to study. I find it so easy to focus while listening to this in the background.


I obviously spent a lot of time watching movies and TV series.


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