February Non-Bookish Favourites | 2020

I haven’t done one of these non-bookish favorites in forever? Anyways, I feel like it would be nice to bring this back again to have a little list of things that I’ve enjoyed over the months.


Skin Care

Now that I’m at college, I’ve stuck to a pretty simple routine every night:

  • Aveeno positively radiant cleanser
  • Aveeno positively radiant toner
  • Kiehl’s moisturizer (this does wonders)


My sweet tooth is back. I blame English class giving me an unduly amount of stress

  • Amorino’s: hazelnut, mango, mint chocolate
    • Absolutely amazing gelato and ice-cream. Had it in below freezing weather, and loved it.
  • Coconut + mango rice pudding
    • One of my favourite desserts from our dining hall. Do I have weird tastes?


This is so hard since I haven’t done this in forever. Did I also mention how I’m actually listening to music like at least 6 hours every day now? (Bless wireless earbuds) Right now, I’m really falling back in love with indie/soft pop.

  • Warm Animal – Sure Sure
  • Let’s Fall In Love For The Night – FINNEAS
  • Sipping My Life – John Park (His voice, omg)


  • Emily Warren – ever since I listened to her song Paranoid, I just fell in love with her
  • Alec Benjamin – I always think of a warm cinnamon roll whenever I hear his voice ❤


One thing I loved about college was how close we are to the gym. I’m a five minute walk from it, and it’s so accessible for me. Sometimes I do my own routine, but I’ve also enjoyed group lessons:

  • Cycling: is there such a thing as biker’s high?
  • Boot camp: early in the morning, but circuits done with friends are much more fun
  • Yoga: I started adding yoga to my week and it has been so beneficial to my mental health. It’s exercise and mindfulness all in one sitting.


So that’s a quick summary of my monthly favourites! Let me know what you’ve enjoyed this month (movies, music, food) I’d love to know and try out!


With love,


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