March Non-Bookish Favourites | 2019

Happy March guys!

Hope you guys had a good month.


I revamped my Instagram!! So my friend Christina, who reads a lot and has such an eye for colour and aesthetic, met up to recreate my bookstagram. It’s now called @little.white.bookshelf and she’s been snapping some really amazing pictures. Thank you, Christina!!

I’d also love to know some tips and tricks from bookstagram veterans out there to help us, newcomers, out!


Image result for isn't it romanticImage result for every dayImage result for coco avant chanelImage result for umbrella academy

Isn’t it Romantic – It was underwhelming. With Rebel Wilson and Adam Levine, well, I was expecting more. Nevertheless, loved the crew of actors and actresses.

Every Day – I loved what they did with the movie adaptation. I haven’t read the book in a while, but I think they added a few things to the characters and the plot, which made it more three dimensional.

Coco de Chanel – Audrey Tatou is such a gem. I think it was fitting to watch it on International Women’s Day too.

The Umbrella Academy – Really interesting characters! Several cliches but they were worth it. I honestly LOVED the soundtrack because it fitted with every scene. Also another plus ==> parts were filmed in Toronto, my hometown!!


Nougats – Oh My Lord. Where have they been all my life.

Lemon water – when life doesn’t give you lemons, you get off your butt to find your own. In other words, grocery shopping, let’s go.



Artist of the month: Sasha Sloan – Her music has this sort of intimacy that makes it resonate with the listeners.

Older by Sasha Sloan

Runaway by Sasha Sloan

Reckless Lover by Handsome Ghost

7 thoughts on “March Non-Bookish Favourites | 2019

  1. I wish my Instagram pics had more razzle-dazzle to them 😂 I must start collecting props to use in them, and I’m now following you for ideas!

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  2. I loved reading this post! I really feel like you summed up the month really well. Congrats on your Instagram! And I can’t wait to watch umbrella academy. I’ve heard great things and some not so great things, but I want to join the discussion. I also have never heard of Sasha Sloan, but I’ll try and listen to her some time when my schedule is free🖤

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