The Liebster Award

Thank you so much to @nsfordwriter for nominating me! Eeeek, her questions are soo interesting so I'm super excited to start! I have to admit, they really got me thinking hard. Haha, NS has some really cool posts on her page and she's super supportive, so you should definitely go and check her out!! The… Continue reading The Liebster Award


September Non-Bookish Favourites | 2018

Here are my monthly favourites! I love doing this post because it feels like a small snapshot of a glance into my month. Skin Care Infinite Aloe - I started using this every day before bed, and I'm finding my skin a lot better in the morning. I have acne-prone skin, but I find that this… Continue reading September Non-Bookish Favourites | 2018

Bookish Thoughts

7 Things I love about Book Blogging

Hey Guys. Thank you so much for 100 followers! I thought that for the milestone that I would include a post about why I enjoy blogging and the books community. Honestly, even as school is becoming stressful, I always look forward to coming back to the book community to blog with you guys ❤ 1.… Continue reading 7 Things I love about Book Blogging

Bookish Thoughts

Book Rant: When Elephants Fly

Ok, let me start off saying that I’m writing this at 4 am in the morning. Cause. I. Can’t. Sleep. Let me sum up my schedule yesterday. I got this book at one pm. Finished writing the review at twelve. I was holding back so much though. Editing and cutting, editing and cutting. If I didn’t, the… Continue reading Book Rant: When Elephants Fly