Massive Goodreads TBR Unhaul

Hey guys so you guys probably know, I recently posted My First Book Unhaul and my reflections on it. After doing the book unhaul, I decided to do a digital unhaul on the whim. In honor of spring cleaning, I decided to post my experience on my first Goodreads unhaul. I've started using Goodreads around 5 years… Continue reading Massive Goodreads TBR Unhaul


My First Book Unhaul

Hey guys! This is my first time doing this, but I finally did a book unhaul!! It's been a long process but so rewarding in the end. I decided to write a post about the whole process. Why do I have so many books? I am a massive hoarder - Our school library has a thing… Continue reading My First Book Unhaul