Review: Spy X Family

Spy x Family, Vol. 1 (1): Endo, Tatsuya: 9781974715466: ...

Title: Spy X Family

Author: Tatsuya Endo

Genre: Manga

Publisher: Viz Manga

Publication Date: June 2, 2020

Page Count: 220

Rating: 5/5 


Spy X Family is a Japanese Manga about 3 unlikely figures – a spy, a contract killer, and a mind reader –  who come together to form a pretend family. Each one is unaware of the others’ history, all while using the arrangement as a convenient means to pursue their own goals. 

For the cast of characters, we have:

  • Twilight – A world-renowned spy, capable of pulling off any task from infiltrating terrorist organizations to diffusing nuclear bombs. Completely no experience in the family department. 
  • Yoru – Slightly ditzy, quiet, and aloof. An unassuming city hall worker by day, she transforms into a ruthless killer by night.
  • Anya: A cute 6(?) year old kid who can read minds. She knows her family can be strange at times, but she adores spy movies so all the better for her. Bring her a bag of peanuts and she’ll love you forever. (´。• ω •。`)

The story is a lighthearted and humorous take on traditional espionage tales, and tests the characters in a completely unfamiliar setting. It’s hilarious to see each character unwittingly reveal a bit of their true nature in front of the other, then come up with a ridiculous explanation in an attempt to protect their identity. And without fail, the other person always accepts their ludicrous answer. 

Yoru: ***Kicks a dangerous, weapon-wielding thug into a wall and knocks him out cold***

Yoru: ahahaaa…. Just a bit of self-defense you know…

Twilight: ***suspicious eyes***

Twilight: Hmm. Yep makes perfect sense!

I’d recommend this if you are looking for a fun, casual, weekend read. I believe that the series is already published online, but you can catch the first physical volume when it releases in June! I’ll leave off with some fanart. 🙂

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