Review: Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth

Chosen Ones (The Chosen Ones, #1)

Title: Chosen Ones
Author: Veronica Roth
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Page Count: 320

Rating: 4/5

“What, then, is a desire? We may begin by stating what it is not. A desire is not a whim. It is not an idle wish concocted on a sunny afternoon. A desire is a profundity of want, a deep and abiding craving that cannot be denied.” -Veronica Roth

Chosen Ones follows the story of 5 heroes who saved the world from an evil entity called “The Dark One”. In the years following his defeat, the heroes have each gone on their separate paths, and each are struggling with their own demons. The story begins in modern-day Chicago, on the 10 year anniversary of that fateful day, and explores what happens when they realize the Dark One may not be dead after all.

First off, I found the concept of this story reminiscent of The Umbrella Academy:  a team of superhumans (kind of) reconvene after the death of one of their own (not a spoiler, given in the book synopsis) and are forced to use their powers again to defeat evil. But aside from that, the plot differs significantly.

The story begins off quite slowly. Not gonna lie, I was a little frustrated at first. I felt like I wasn’t getting any deep emotion or exciting action from the book. Probably the best way to describe the opening of the book is bleak. Imagine a gray, cloudy sky, standing alone amidst towering skyscrapers, somber violin music playing in the background.  And then put in 5 people who have basically all but lost the will to live. So reading that for a while, the book was starting to get a little depressing. 

AND although the characters kept recounting how shaken up and traumatized they were from their battles against the Dark One, for an event of that magnitude, you would think the reader would get some intense and chilling scenarios to help visualize what happened. NOPE. Well, eventually yes,  but I was so frustrated at the beginning with the disconnect between the “trauma” they kept talking about, and the info the reader was actually given (basically very vague and cryptic descriptions). Plus, Sloane is just so apathetic to everything, its ARGHHHH! I get that she’s traumatized, but I kinda hated her for how she treated everyone 😡


Most of the action happens towards the end of the book, so if you’re willing to stick it through for 60-70% of the story, IT DOES GET BETTER. Hold your horses, because, in part 2 of the book, the readers are taken for a WILD RIDE…. Literally to another dimension. Like hold-up what??? (This ain’t Riverdale okay?)

what – The Germ Guy: Confessions of a Mercurial Microbiologist

But anyways. There’s magic, prophecies, betrayals, and so many twists and turns that you would NEVER know to expect. BUT PLEASE KEEP ON READING, because everything makes sense and the story builds and builds, in an OH-GOD-I-CAN’T-PUT-IT-DOWN kind of way. 

Some good things:

  • Story is well written; it gives you enough intrigue for you to keep reading. However, if you thrive on excitement across every page or intense emotions, then you might not be interested long enough to stay on until the end.
  • I miiiiiiight be **maybesortaslightlyDEFINITELY***  interested in reading about horrifying, disturbing things and this book delivers in those moments. 🙂 
  • The characters grow on you as the story progresses (
  • Breathtaking plot twists, and the story concept is unique in that you can never predict what’s going to happen next
  • The ADDITIONAL MEDIA: If you’ve read the Illuminae files, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Email correspondences, classified documents, excerpts from the books on the history of magic, you will find all kinds of supplemental types of documents and media between the chapters. It makes reading this so much more electrifying and gives you the feeling of knowing what the characters know, knowing what they don’t, and that just maybe, things aren’t always as they seem

TLDR: Slow start, unique plot/world, and good action towards the last 30-40% of the book.

Read if you enjoyed: The Umbrella Academy, The Girl With All the Gifts, Severance, Illuminae Files, 

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