Welcome to the Blog, Christina!


I’ve mentioned Christina a lot in my posts; she’s helped me with NetGalley reviews sometimes and we’ve been running a bookstagram together. So she’s agreed to help me run the blog and with reviewing ARCs, which I’m really excited about!!

Anyways, I’ll let her introduce herself :DDD


Hi everyone! I’m Christina, an undergrad student studying Engineering. You might know me from @little.white.bookshelf. Jennifer and I are longtime friends since elementary schools, and in the spring of senior year, she got me into bookstagramming. Uhh, how do I say this, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so OBSESSED with something as I have with the whole book community. Seriously, it’s taken over my life, and I’m thankful for all the friends and memories I’ve made since. OK sappy time over, let’s get into a bit about me (which is what you’re here for right? 😉)

Q: How did you get into reading?

A: I started reading basically as soon as I learned how, and growing up, I was always that kid who would rather stay inside and read than go run around in the park. Now that I think about it, it makes sense, because my mom is a librarian (“Christina… it took you this long to realize it??”).

Q: Favourite Series?

A: OOH, the ultimate question for any book lover. Be prepared to fight me. (just kidding). My faves series are pretty popular: Six of Crows, Nevernight, Throne of Glass, and A Darker Shade of Magic. They’re pretty much all fantasy, and I’d gladly recommend these to my friends any day If you haven’t read one of these, please consider checking them out (no lie, SOooooooo GOOD 👌 ).

Q: Why the blog now?

A: Because quarantine. Also, I suffer from chronic writer’s block, so there’s that.

Other facts about me:

  • I am a living meme
  • I have a cat
  • INFP
  • Sweet foods >>>> salty foods. Change my mind. 
  • My most read genres are YA and Fantasy (I love me a good ship), but I’m also open to historical fic, sci-fi, and general fiction as well. 
  • Canadian authors I love: Heather O’Neill, Emily St. John Mandel, Margaret Atwood
  • You’ll be seeing more of me in the future…  (not creepy at all…)

All right that’s all my brain could think of for now, but if there’s anything more you want to know about me, drop a comment and I’ll get back to you!


(ALSO shameless plug but follow @little.white.bookself if you haven’t already. You’ll catch more of my shenanigans there 😝)


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