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Recommended Posts | Together at Home During Quarantine

Hey guys! So I’m subscribed to quite a few newsletters, and some of them have been so great at compiling resources to help students and people find things to do while at home. I thought I’d share one of them with you.

BUILT BY GIRLS: Together At Home ✨

Built By Girls is honestly such an amazing site which is about encouraging female students in STEM and tech. I’ve joined a mentorship program on it and I’ve always looked forward to its newsletters. If you’re interested in subscribing, here is the link!


PopSugar Workouts

PopSugar is offering free workouts to keep people at home!

Coloring Book

If you have hopped on the wagon, why not have a few more drawings just in case? They’re also doing a really cool challenge for the chance to win $50 or $100!

KenshoHealth Workshops

They’re hosting a lot of free workshops for mindfulness and the body.

Wash Your Lyrics

Web app to make posters for hand washing, so you can sing along to your favourite song while washing your hand.

450 Ivy League Courses You Can Take For Free Online Right Now

CS, Science, Humanities, Business, you name it


These are just a few I pulled off of the google doc, but I highly recommend you guys go and check it out!


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