Life Update: Covid-19, Tik Tok, Bookstagram, and Friends

Hey guys,

I felt like I hadn’t done a life update in some time, so I thought I’d post one now.

The first half of the month has been pretty busy. By now, everyone is probably back at home, self-isolated, but I remember that week of uncertainty when we weren’t sure whether or not our universities were going to kick us out.

When Harvard sent us an email early March saying that we had less than five days to evacuate and to completely move out of our dorms, it was so surreal. I think my friends and I have gone through a whole roller coaster of emotions: from shock to anger to panic to grief. Tears were shed, but at least we made the most of our time together for the last few days, prioritizing spending more time with friends and saying goodbye to all the budding friendships we had been making.

It was frustrating that spring semester for us had come to an abrupt stop and it was stressful seeing my other international friends trying to figure out their visas and booking flights back home.

But needless to say, I’m grateful that we’re all safe and sound now. I’ve been trying to make the most of it, and spending as much time possible staying in touch with my classmates who are now smattered across the globe and reconnecting with my old friends in Toronto.

Phew, that was a bit sad writing. But know on a lighter note. Here are some updates since:

  • My friend Annabelle came with me to Toronto, before booking her flight to Vancouver. We went to visit Graffiti Alley and Casa Loma (this was before Ontario issued mandatory self-isolation).
  • I downloaded Tik Tok. Yes, I thought I wasn’t going to be that person, but here I am. I don’t even regret it. I even got my friends to dance to Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa.
  • I’ve been staying in touch with friend through so so many platforms. You guys are probably all familiar with face time and zoom, but we’ve also used house party to meet new people and barge into group chats as well as which is wonderful for streaming videos together.
  • I’m learning baking, cello, calligraphy, and other art things that I used to “not have the time” to learn. I haven’t done art or gone to music class since middle grade. But I feel like now that there’s no distractions, it might as well be time to start improving myself. It’s been such a fun journey so far, and I really hope I’ll be able to commit to it for the next two months if more need be.
  • Christina and I have been looking for ways to get more engaged in bookstagram. I feel like this is the case for a lot of bloggers but self-isolation has resulted in a lot more free time. I also feel like seeing all the positivity online continues to make my day.

These are tumultuous times for many people across the globe. But I think it’s really also compelled many of us to be more reflective and introspective of ourselves. It has taught us to value social interactions more than ever now and to take initiative to make these connections in our lives. Covid-19 has brought forth tears of frustration and pain, and it continues to test the world relentlessly. It’s more important than ever that we continue to show humanity and kindness to our neighbours, our friends and family, and ourselves.

Hope you guys are all safe and sound. Feel free to share how you guys have been keeping yourselves busy!

Lots of love,


7 thoughts on “Life Update: Covid-19, Tik Tok, Bookstagram, and Friends

      1. wishing you all the best! I’ve been grinding out hw and online lectures this past week, but I’ve also been looking for ways to stay in touch with all my friends. I highly recommend House Party, if you’re interested. It’s similar to facetime, but you can also play games and meet other people through mutual acquaintance!


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