Cinema Sunday #5| Lion

Hey guys!

Cinema Sunday is a weekly meme that I’m really excited about participating in. Thanks Jessica @ Escape 2 Fiction for creating this!!


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Lion follows a boy, Saroo, living in “Ganastelay” with his doting mother and close brother, Guddu. On evening, when Saroo tags along with his brother on a night job, he gets lost and accidentally boards a train that takes him hundreds of miles away from his home. He braves the streets of Calcutta, before finally landing himself in an orphanage where he is adopted by an Australian family.

Even with all the trauma that he’s undergone, the five year old Saroo remains so caring and precocious. It’s hard not to love him as he meets his new family in Australia. Sunny Pawar is such a precious gem; his smiles literally glow up the room.

The movie jumps down the timeline; half of it covering him in India, and the latter half covering Saroo twenty years later as a 26 year-old, on his search for home.

Despite undergoing the all the conflict about finding his real brother and mother and searching for home, Saroo remains a loving son to Sue and John. Dev Patel does an amazing job in this film, showing Saroo’s sensitive yet caring side and making viewers really fall for him.

I bawled my eyes out (constantly) towards the end of the film. It’s poignant and resonant and really reaches out to viewers. It’s inspiring to find out that this film is based on a true story and raises awareness of the lost children in India.


This is one of the best films I’ve watched recently (I’ve watched many movies over the break and found most underwhelming, so this was a nice welcome) and I highly recommend if you’re looking for a touching and heartwarming film.

I haven’t watched that many films by Dev Patel, but is it safe to say that I think I’m in love with him?

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