Blogmas #7 | Reflections about first semester at college

Hey guys! Now that first semester of college is over, I thought I could do a bit of reflections and share with you some of the things I learned about college and about myself.


I think I used to worry at the beginning of college where I thought I was making too little friends. Was my friend group too small? Am I not going out enough? Should I meet new people, or catch up with old ones? Eventually, I came to terms with how I valued my friendships. Sure, it appeared merrier and funner in bigger groups, but I found myself more engaged and happier in smaller settings. I had friends peppered other friend groups, but I found my main group as well, and I realized that this was ok in college. I was a bit of a wanderer at the beginning, hanging out with friends of friends rather than making my own. But at the end of the semester, I think I found my group.

Time Alone

College is different in that you’re constantly surrounded by people. And sometimes you feel like you have to be surrounded by people. But as an introvert, I did sometimes find this draining. One of my closer friends who was already at college told me that being alone is not the same as being lonely, and I didn’t understand that until I came to college. I’ll admit that at the beginning when I saw someone sitting alone at the dining hall, I thought it was because they were lonely. It was only later, when I realized that it was because they needed time alone. And I only understood that when I felt the same need to unload and be with myself. But I’ve always had this complex whenever I go to the dining hall alone, in that I feel the need to validate my reason for being alone. It’s still something I’m slowly learning to be cognizant of with time.

Self Care

The support that colleges give for taking care of oneself mentally and physically is just amazing. I’m still in awe thinking about it. I don’t think I’ve been so aware about my mind and body in a long time (still recovering from last two years of high school haha) My dorm is a five minute walk from the college gym, so I would try to go 3 times a week, and let me say, the facility is AMAZING. It’s also really nice being able to go and exercise with friends whenever you want. Also, there’s always study breaks scattered around college where I could get snacks, Emergen-C packets, and sometimes even facial masks. It’s funny how at college, I have a better morning and night routine than back when I was at home.


It’s amazing how in control you are with your own schedule. I’ve gone to the cinemas past 1, worked on robotics with my team until 4am, and hung out with my classmates and teaching fellows until 5am during our CS50 hackathon. Lol, that is a bad representation of my sleep schedule. Those are outliers. My school schedule is really chill, so I often find myself sleeping the full 8 hours, which is much much better than before. It’s just really nice being able to hang around friends and be down for study groups and study breaks whenever. 😀

Freshman 15

Yeah… I don’t think there’s anything to say. It’s happening.


I used to think I might regret picking Harvard when I was deciding between colleges. And funny enough, I never have. I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve gained and the friends I made. I don’t think I would’ve done it any other way.

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