Blogmas #6 | Favourite Christmas Foods

Hey guys! Now that it’s so close to Christmas, I thought it would be perfect to share some of my favourite foods that I often eat during the holidays season.


Pecan Pie

The nuts and butter are worth the cavities.

pecan pie horizontal

Apple Cider Cookies

During one of our college study breaks, I tried Trader Joe’s apple cider cookies for the first time and I was hooked 😛

Image result for apple cider cookies"

Peppermint Bark

You can’t do a holiday without any peppermint flavoured desserts.

Image result for peppermint bark"

Swiss Roll Cakes

Ok, this, I can eat whenever. But I feel like calls for the festive spirit. Maybe that’s because I’m getting it mixed with the yule log 😅

Image result for swiss roll"


I’ve recently gone to Eataly, a large chain store Italian market place, and tried cannolli for the first time and loved it! (I think this year is filled with a lot of first)

Image result for cannoli plain"

As you can see, you’ll win my heart with anything sweet. At college, I’ve developed a horribly strong sweet tooth from all the sweets and desserts they serve at the dining hall. No regrets … for now 😀




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