Blogmas #2 | Let it Snow

Hey guys! So I recently watched Let it Snow with my friends (what better way to procrastinate on studying for finals, eyy?) and I guess I just wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on the movie.

I think I honestly have a love-hate relationship with Christmas Hallmark movies. They’re cringey at times, but so much fun to watch, especially with a group of friends 😀

Let It Snow

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Let It Snow is a movie adaptation of the novel, written by John Green, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson back in 2008. It follows three Christmas teen love stories in a small town. There’s the essential clichees that make this film so well-rounded; childhood crushes, under-the-radar celebrity, and the typical falling in and falling out of love. The cringeworthy moments are well matched with heart warming ones that underline the importance of family, friendship, and belonging.

I learned later that Kerry and Dorrie’s love story was an addition made by the directors, to include some LGBTQ representation which I totally stan. Also, there was a scene in church that was a amalgamation of all religions reenacting the birth of Christ, which I thought was an adorable addition to all the inclusivity that this movie had.

Here is another feel-good rom-com that I recommend for the Christmas season.

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