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Blogmas #1 | Changes in My Reading Habits

I think over the course of writing on this blog and taking part in bookstagram, I’ve realized how much my reading habits have changed. Some are smaller, others are more profound. But I guess I wanted to share with you guys some of my thoughts!


Big changes = existential crisis?

Branched out of contemporary

With the help of my friends, I somewhat relinquished myself into the fantasy genre as well. I think when I initially started off this blog, I mostly read a lot of contemporary. Now I feel like I’m starting to warm up more to other genres, like magical realism and science fiction.

Memoirs and Nonfiction

I feel like one shift you guys might have noticed, that I’ve also tried to keep subtle is the increase in the number of nonfiction books and memoirs that I’ve been reading. I still want to keep my blog YA and fiction based, since I feel like my audience is mostly interested in that. But I still enjoy sharing with you guys memoirs and biographies that I find really interesting and insightful. I hope the reviews aren’t too dull 😛

More more more Audiobooks

I’ve found myself listening a lot more now. It’s more time efficient and allows me to get into a book even if I feel like I’m tight with time (finals and projects etc) I feel like sometimes my reading comprehension is higher too, especially when I allow myself to get immersed in the story.

Now let’s go into some smaller changes.

Where did all the bookmarks go?

Answer? Stashed away into a drawer that is only opened every few months to appreciate the collection. Literally the only purpose of the bookmarks I buy are to be looked at and act as photo props. When I actually read, I just use the next available paper close by. It’s kind of depressing now that I think about it :/

I’ve come to realize how convenient paperbacks are?

Either hardcovers are getting larger or backpack designs are getting smaller. I believe that both are happening. **cough cough Priory of the Orange Tree** **cough cough any backpack you try to buy these days**. So yeah, it’s only realistic for me to stuff a paperback into my bag with hopes of putting other stuff in as well 😅

Excuses to cry

I’ve always been a cry baby. I think at least 30% of the books I read make me cry one way or the other. But I’ve been crying a lot while reading books. Maybe even when it shouldn’t make me cry. Maybe I’m projecting my own personal turmoils into the books I read? Maybe.


What are some reading habits that have changed for you? I’d love to know!

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