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2019 Reading Challenges Sign Up

Hey guys, I know this is a tad bit late. But I can’t help but try to join reading challenges.

I already know through experience that I cannot commit to readathons because of the time constraint and the fact that I am a shameless mood reader, but I think reading challenges give me enough freedom and objective to be able to pursue it for the long term. I’m also more insistent on joining mostly because we’re have way through the year and, well, all the challenges that I’m interested in all seem obtainable.


Goodreads Reading Challenge

I’ve always done this challenge since it was a default on Goodreads, and usually the general challenge.

Currently going for a book a week. But these summer months have been helping me kill it! I’m gonna try to read 52 books, but this number will probably change again in December.

Current Progress here.

Beat the Backlist 2019

Image result for Beat the Backlist 2019

I’ve always mentioned how I’ve wanted to catch up on all the books I’ve missed. So I think this challenge will help me a lot. I’m going to give it a shot and try for 25 books.

Thank you NovelKnight for hosting this challenge!

I’ll be posting a TBR as well as the books I’ve already read.

Audiobook Challenge 2019

2019 Audiobook Challenge

I’m really hoping to listen to as many audiobooks as possible this year. Since it’s my first year, I’m signing up for Stenographer (10-15 books)

Thank you Caffeinated Reader for hosting this challenge!

Classics Challenge (Personal)

I’ve always been trying to push myself to read more classics ever since I began high school. High school English has definitely helped me accomplish some of it, but I’m hoping to get through some more. I’m not gonna be too ambitious, so I’m gonna try to get through 10 books.

I’ll be posting my TBR soon, though I might end up scrapping it, and go with my mood instead 😛


Call me a procrastinating, I know. But I’m still super hyped about joining these challenges.


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