20 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers

Hey guys!!

I was on the bus the other day and was trying to brainstorm some posts I wanted to bring to my blog, and I ended up with a list!! I wanted to share some of my ideas to help myself when I’m in a blogging slump and to hopefully inspire other book bloggers who want to try out something new!!


Book Reviews

You can never go wrong with another book review. Try some back-list books, or underrated ones. Stuck? I’ve found a list of great prompts by @thequietpond to make the review process easier!


If you ever decide on the whim to go on a day long readathon, try tracking it down. It’s always a helpful to look back on how much time was spent browsing Twitter vs actual reading. The struggles are real 😉

How I Read in GIFs

You can never run out of GIFs to use. I did one a long time ago about 5 Stages of Reading in GIFS. I’d love to try another one 🙂

My Friends Make My TBR

I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time, and let some of my friends IRL to dictate what I would read for a month.

Favorite book covers – color edition

Visuals are always great to look at. Make a collage of all your favourite book covers. After all, what are book covers for?

Favorite reading spots

Write about where you love to read. It’s always fun to discuss with fellow book lovers favourite spots around town to read.

Bookish advice/tips

I love reading blog posts about reading tips. I recently did one on 15+ Things to Do While Listening to an Audiobook.

Bookmarks that I own

Show off your set!

Book tags

There’s an endless supply of book tags roaming around the blogosphere. Tag yourself!

Bookish Ramblings

Any bookish thoughts on your mind at the moment? Pour them onto paper!

Favorite Movie Adaptations

List a few of your favorite movies that were inspired by the book. As a fellow movie lover, I love finding movie adaptations.

Movie to Book Comparison

Do you know that moment when you’re scrambling to read the book before the movie comes out. Since you’ll have both fresh in your mind, why not write a comparison?

Book Annotations on ______

Comment on plot points in the book. Great for stimulating discussion with the community.

### thoughts I had while reading ______

I think this one is great for when you want to look back on your reactions while reading a book.

Most anticipated reads this month/season/year

I think we’ve seen from the previous Top Ten Tuesday post, that there are always some books that are up there in the radar. Let’s talk about them 🙂

Write a discussion/answer a reading guide

I’ve never tried this before, but I think it would be fun to create your own set of questions that you want to discuss with other readers, who are reading the same book as you.

Book Rant

You know that moment when you finish a book and you have so much pent up emotions that you need to release? A book rant is just for you!!

Unpopular Book Opinion

Different opinions matter. Share them.

Favorite Bookstores in [Hometown]


Bookish travels

Did you visit any bookstores or libraries when you were on vacation? Do you have a bookish routine when you travel abroad?


Which ones have you done? Feel free to comment your posts down below, I’d love to check them out!!


18 thoughts on “20 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers

  1. Love these ideas!! I’m definitely going to try making a discussion guide, and letting your friends decide your TBR sounds so fun! Thanks for a great post 🙂 (also, just started following your blog!!)

    Liked by 1 person

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