Resources for Incoming College Freshmen

Hey guys!

As a high school senior, I never thought about how daunting university was going to be until, well, I started getting acceptances. For some reason, I kept thinking it would be the same as in high school. Maybe that sudden realization occurred happened when I realized I would be leaving my hometown for Cambridge, Massachusetts, my first time living away from home. So maybe I panicked… a bit… a lot.

I started looking online for advice and things to know. I thought I would share with you guys my compilations.

Just wanted to say, I really loved this blog that my friend introduced to me earlier this year. It’s called A Hope in The Headlights by cleverlydone and it’s so aesthetic! I could spend hours browsing her material, which has pretty much everything. A lot of my links will be from her site, hence all the tumblr links 🙂




ps. it took me a while to figure out how Tumblr worked (embarrassing, I know)

Also do you guys have any college advice? Things you learned on the way? I’d love to know!!

~ Jennifer

2 thoughts on “Resources for Incoming College Freshmen

  1. Hey Jenifer! First things first, congratulations for embarking on a new milestone! I can relate how daunting it is before you got acceptances cause I’ve been there before. I’m soon a sophomore and have realized that college can be so much fun and that college years are a good period of time to learn independence and much more! I hope you have a lot of in college and continue updating your blog! I’m excited to read your new adventures 🙂

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