Mini Reviews: Books for Yoga Lovers

I’ve always wanted to get into yoga, so I decided to compile a few books that I recently read that have been helpful in introducing me to the practice. I’ve learned quite a bit from these books, whether it be how to do a variation of a yoga pose or the history of yoga, and I wanted to share with you the unique aspects of each.

Each book offers a different way of practicing yoga and is suitable for different people.

Total Yoga For You by Tara Fraser

  • Total Yoga For You is a comprehensive guide for those who wish to get into yoga, and want to learn everything about the practice.
  • The book goes through a in-depth history of the origins of yoga and then introduces the the philosophy behind yoga now
  • The next section of the book contains large images of yoga poses that are very helpful. The descriptions are very informative and allow you to come into the pose quite easily.
  • The poses that are taught progressively gets more and more difficult. I probably will not attempt the last few, however, it is nice to see how much potential there is to learn.
  • It even has yoga poses with a partner! Which was something that I was really surprised to learn about.
  • The last section has Asana sequences that are accompanied by mini pictures to refer to. The layout of the instructions and pictures make it easy to follow.
  • Yoga Now is a very intensive and comprehensive book, great for someone who is very committed to learning and mastering yoga.

Yoga for Everyone by Dianne Bondy

  • When the title says “Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses For Every Type of Body”, it really is everyone; you see poses suitable for men, women, pregnant moms, elderly, amputees. The book accommodates for everyone, which was an absolute pleasant surprise while reading it.
  • It does this by having many variations, portrayed with lots of photos, so it’s easy to follow
  • I was really impressed by this book due to the diversity of models and people used for poses.
  • The book doesn’t stop there. There are also short bios of yoga instructors and enthusiasts and how they got into yoga. And it’s quite inspirational, because they come from different type of careers and background, with different degrees of capability in yoga. I believe many people can relate to these people.
  • The representation is amazing; the book breaks away from the typical mold of an ideal yoga professional that is usually portrayed in yoga books, and takes an egalitarian approach of including all body types and capabilities.

Yoga Through the Year by Jilly Shipway

  • It has many exercises involving medication
  • Unlike other yoga books, small doodles are used to indicate poses. This book is more dense with words than pictures, but are quite insightful and more catered towards the spiritual and mindful aspect of yoga than the physical practice of it.
  • This book is demands a lot of interaction with the reader and is quite introspective. There are activities that readers should follow and question at the end of each section that they can answer to reflect on themselves.
  • The poses are quite simplistic doodles, so it’s a little harder to learn from. I think this would be more ideal for someone who is already familiar with yoga and wish to have a different way of practicing.

The Complete Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book by Katie Lynch

  • Very very interesting take on a coloring book
  • The pictures are a combination of learning, relaxing, and aesthetic pictures.
  • You learn so much about vocabulary used in describing movement of the anatomy, and it’s just very informative
  • Overall, it’s very multi-functional – you have a coloring book that informs you and teaches you yoga.

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