Dear all, I have some big news …

After a month of both excitement and stress, I’m honored to say that …

I’ll be part of Harvard Class of 2023!

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It has been a ride filled with sleepless nights, hysteria, laughter, and joy. I’ve been so grateful for everything that has happened and my amazing friends who have kept me sane over the last month as I tried to figure out my future. After college visits and some more self-reflection (you’d think I’d done enough of that after writing all those personal statements), I decided that I’ll be calling Cambridge my home for the next four years.

My decision has shocked a few people, to say the least, and is something that I’m still not sure how to explain to others. Nevertheless, after hitting the commit button on May the 1st, I have had no regrets and am very excited for school next year (like searching up clubs to join, courses to try out, and things to explore in Boston).

I might follow up with a few more posts (I’ll try to keep them sparse), but I wanted share with you guys in this post my plans for next year 🙂

Also, a big thank you to the book community for helping me keep my mind off of college and school things and being so so supportive. I am truly grateful.

Best wishes,


7 thoughts on “Dear all, I have some big news …

    1. I’m hoping to major in applied mathematics and computer science, but I’ll probably explore around during the first year 😊

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