Cinema Sunday #3 | Scent of a Woman

Hey guys!

I discovered this meme called Cinema Sunday, a weekly meme that I’m really excited about partcipating in. Thanks Jessica @ Escape 2 Fiction for coming up with this idea!!


This was a 90s movie starring Al Pacino (Colonel Slade) and Chris O’Donnell (Charlie Simms).

The story follows Charlie Simms, a senior at Baird School, an exclusive New England prep school. Hoping to buy a plane ticket back home to Oregon in Christmas, he decides to take a temporary job over Thanksgiving holiday. A woman hires him to look over the house and her uncle. He soon meets Army Ranger Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, a blind and ill-tempered alcoholic.

Somehow, Charlie finds himself whisked into the core of New York City as Colonel hopes to indulge in life’s luxury before committing suicide, a confession that Charlie does not know how to respond to. During the endless adventures that they pursue, Charlie learns more about this difficult man and how he came to be.

The acting in the movie is pretty amazing. The characters are so successful in encapsulating the moment, whether it is the bonding or the rising tension between Colonel and Charlie. Al Pacino does an amazing job as a hard-shelled veteran who truly possesses a soft spot he refuses to show. The scenes have left me in laughter, smiles, and a fair amount of tears.

The story is a really touching and moving coming of age film. It wraps up in the grandest way possible, leaving viewers hopelessly smiling over this unbreakable bond formed in the short span of 2.5 hours.

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