My First Book Unhaul

Hey guys!

This is my first time doing this, but I finally did a book unhaul!! It’s been a long process but so rewarding in the end. I decided to write a post about the whole process.


Why do I have so many books?


I am a massive hoarder – Our school library has a thing where they lay out discarded books at the front of the entrance. And every week, if I see a cover that catches my eyes, I immediately take it. And, oh, let me tell you, I’ve taken everything from poetry anthologies to old hyped up books to a book about Nobel Prizes for women in the Sciences (yea, I know, I thought I would get inspired, ok)

I love covers – I’m a shameless “judge a book by its cover” reader. And I get pretty attached to nice looking covers.

I have a massive TBR –  Instead of reading the book that’s been on my shelf for three years, I read the most recent finds instead.

I forgot about my old books – I went searching for something in the basement cellar the other day, and I came across a bookshelf that was hidden in the cellar that I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT. There were books from back in elementary and middle school. **This is what essentially sparked my book unhaul**


Which books did I unhaul?

At the time being, I’m just gonna go with the questions:

  • “Do I ever plan on reading this?”
  • “Does this book hold value to me?”
  • Also, as Marie Kondo likes to put it, “Does it spark joy?”

If the answer is no, I guess it’s time to say goodbye. But it was pretty easy, because most of the books were back in middle grade.

So I unhauled a total of 72 books.


Where do I did unhaul to?

I divided my books up into three sections:

Friends – There are a few books that are still a gem, and that I handed out to a few of my younger friends who might be interested in the books. I took a few books to my fencing club and asked around if anyone wanted books.

Public Library Foundation– Books donated to the foundation are resold, and all the money is used to fund the library’s programs and services. I’ve always been grateful for the books and programs that the library has provided me over my childhood, so I think this would be my way of giving back.

Local Thrift Store – For the books that are a bit rough around the edges, I’ll leave in the donation bin so that some bookworms might get new thrifty finds.


Lighter load, more space, less clutter. Now all the books can be put at a better use. ❤



So that was my first unhaul!! It definitely felt amazing. Have you guys ever done an unhaul? How does it feel like? What advice do you have?

8 thoughts on “My First Book Unhaul

  1. Yep, I too am totally fickle about reading more recent purchases, rather that the book that I desperately needed however many years ago! Finding hidden books in your cellar sounds amazing 😲😲 Much more exciting than buried treasure!

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    1. I think I’ve found it most effective passing it on to families with younger children. They disappear so quickly 🙂 An unhaul is so cathartic, it lifts so much weight off your shoulders 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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