Review: 365 Ways to Beat Stress by Adam Gordon

Title: 365 Ways to Beat Stress
Author: Adam Gordon
Type: Personal Development
Genre: Nonfiction
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Date published: February 19th 2019
Format: digital
Page Count: 224

Rating: 5/5

With a different technique or tip for each day of the year, no other book offers such a wide range of ways to release stress and anxiety, all set in an attractive illustrated design that will make dipping in for inspiration a joy. All the practices are effective yet also easy to follow, even if you have never tried them before, and range from energy techniques such as simple shiatsu, to quick stress fixes such as visualizing a blue bubble, to methods of life simplification such as avoiding a news overload and rationing your evenings out, to inspiring visualizations such as imagining yourself as the sky or as a lotus floating on water. There is no need to subscribe to any particular belief, lifestyle or long-term practice; this is simply a collection of brilliantly effective ideas that together have the potential to transform lives.


*** Thank you Netgalley and Watkins Publishing for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. ***

I’m always on the lookout for books about self development. So when I heard about this book series, I was so excited to pick it up.

The format and graphics of the book are beautiful (with a touch of minimalism) and surprisingly calming. I felt incredibly at ease as I read from 1 to 365 in one-go. There is a diverse array of advice that is given and they’re all very insightful towards different aspects of life. Under each example, Gordon explored more in depth in how to fully achieve the feeling of serenity and gratitude.

I usually love picking up self-help and personal development books, but I’ve never found one that is so compact and comprehensive. It’s like a small handbook to have that you can have around with you. There is no order in which you should read it. Whether you what to try one stress reliever a day or jump around to several a week, “365 Ways to Beat Stress” is so versatile. I would recommend this to anyone.

Since the book has had so many great ideas and ways to reduce stress for every day of the year, I thought it’d only be fair to share a few. Here were the ones that really resonated with me.

  • 7/11 breathing – 7 secs in, 11 secs out
  • Be Pavlovian – Learn to trigger happy memories through a pinch of an ear or a wink of an eye.
  • Recall a smile on the face of someone you love
  • Routine Chores
  • Act “as if” – act as if you’re feeling serenity, and you will feel serenity
  • Appreciate Last Year’s Gifts
  • Use a Mantra
  • Float in a pool, lake, or sea
  • Trust in Life’s flow – everything happens for a reason. Que sera, sera
  • Go skipping – reminisce your childhood
  • Peel an apple in a single strip – learning to concentrate helps you worry less
  • View spring blossom
  • Clear your desk every evening – a clear mind to end the day
  • Tend a plant – one specifically for your workplace, learn to tend and grow
  • Visit and Art Gallery
  • Listen to people
  • Write reviews of your most pleasurable experiences
  • Write a “have done” list – all those to do lists, why not a “have done”?


I enjoyed reading every advice given. Hopefully, I’ll learn how to apply a few to my own life. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Review: 365 Ways to Beat Stress by Adam Gordon

  1. Wow, I need this book in my life! (And maybe an extra hour in bed every night… 😪) I am trying to tell myself that everything happens for a reason, but I never thought of it as a trust issue. I shall give it a go!

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