Top Ten Tuesday #9 | Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With

Here are my top six characters that I’d like to switch places with if given the chance. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you @thatartsyreadergirl for hosting the meme!


Scarlett Dragna | Caraval

Encased around enchanted attractions and enigmatic character. What’s not to love about the world of Caraval? (Let’s ignore the Fates for now)


Hermione Granger | Harry Potter

Related image

I wouldn’t mind being as book smart as her 😛


Linh Cinder | Lunar Chronicles

Image result for linh cinder

I’ve always dreamt about the possibility of hyper speed processing powers and being able to look up things on the internet to your heart’s content ever since I picked up the first book of the Lunar Chronicles in grade 8. I’ve never stopped dreaming about the perks of being a cyborg since.


Enne Salta | Ace of Shades

From twirling in the finishing school of Bellamy to flying through trapezes in New Reynes and doing other badass stuff, I think it would be really cool to have her abilities. I also wouldn’t mind having the charisma of Levi Glaisyer by my side 😉


Cath Avery | Fangirl

Related image

I loved seeing her evolve as she traversed through university. Also, it’s totally not just because Levi is her adorable witty boyfriend.


Jane Hayes | Austenland

Image result for Jane Hayes | Austenland drawing

I just want to shoot myself into the Austen era where there were petticoats and carriages and horseback riding. Sometimes, you still need a bit of play-pretend to put reality into perspective 🙂



I’m not gonna lie, I have a really short list. Looking back at it, these would be the characters that I would love to be … given that I wasn’t placed in their situation. All the flair and none of the problems, you know? If I was actually in their place, I would probably run away and hide. xD


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #9 | Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With

    1. Aha yes!! It is grateful to know that there aren’t any monsters or evil queens chasing after you 😉


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