Random Ramblings #1

Hey guys, so I’m just going to ramble a bit about everything going on in life. I’ll just be letting my thoughts flow freely. Reading this is purely optional (preferably without judgment).

Anyways, for those interested in knowing how life is going for me, here it goes!!



  1. My sleep schedule is seriously messed up. Some days I can sleep at 10pm and others I sleep at 2am. I’m also back at it with after school naps. Yay.
  2. It’s so nice to be done exams though. It’s nice to know that the marks are now out of your hands. :’)


  1. Writing applications had been quite stressful especially when the deadlines were closing in. But nonetheless, I felt like I did a lot of reflection. I never expected that this process would result in a lot of self-realization and gratitude. Ack, but first, I need to get into university. Though I feel like this application process is worth it regardless of the results. And maybe my writing skills have improved? Haha, probably not.
  2. Now onto some miscellaneous things I’ve wondered about while writing: What is the onomatopoeia sound that a pencil makes?
  3. Why are oxymorons so hard to find? Why do they make sense?
  4. The thesaurus has become my best friend. Look at these awesome words I’ve been adding to my vocab list:
    • Instigate
    • Inundate
    • Engulf
    • Monumental
    • Eccentric
  5. Uni apps were definitely an experience. Now onto scholarship writing !!


  1. My senioritis list is sooo long.
  2. There are:
    1. so many places to go
    2. so much food to eat
    3. so many movies to watch
    4. so many boooooks



2 thoughts on “Random Ramblings #1

  1. Scratchy scribblings, for the noise a pencil makes? I read once that ‘oxy’ comes from the Greek for sharp, and ‘moron’ means dull. Therefore ‘dull-sharp’, itself an oxymoron 😊
    At least your exams are over and finished with! Congratulations! 🎉🎉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks for the suggestions! Who would have guessed that the word itself is an oxymoron, that’s actually so cool!!


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