136 Thoughts I had while watching Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Hey guys. So I recently watched Sierra Burgess is a Loser. And I felt like doing another “thoughts I had while watching” post, because it’s so much fun. Pardon me if a quarter of it is me screaming about random stuff and gushing over Noah Centineo. Because let’s be real, he’s adorable.

Here we go!!


  1. “I am a magnificent creature” – I should try saying that more to boost my self-esteem
  2. lol, Sierra and her mom is actually me and my mom: beauty and the beast, the other way around.
  3. Veronica is actually scary
  4. YES Sierra, you tell them who Quasimodo is
  5. OMG Veronica has such a scary death stare
  6. Why would you even turn down Noah Centineo like that, Veronica. HE’S NOAH CENTINEO.
  7. I mean whyyy
  8. “Only loser hangs out with losers”? Where the heck did that come from? HE’S FRICK’N NOAH CENTINEO
  9. But Sierra actually has such a nice voice.
  10. She’s obviously not catfishing…
  11. Lol, her voicemail.
  12. I just realized that I rarely text, or call. Cuz messenger is a thing now
  13. This movie has such a cute soundtrack
  14. Lol I love the parallelism between Sierra and Jamey
  15. That lag from texting. I sense the regret. Lol why can’t life have a Ctrl+Z button?
  17. the cringe when you send a bad text
  18. oml Jamey’s bro is adorable
  19. Dan is my spirit animal xD.
  20. why is there so much parallel structure in the film. Haha, I’ve been doing too much film analysis in English class.
  21. “That’s what I have to live up to?” LOL, Sierra
  22. Goddammit Dan
  23. I hate Dan, but I also love him
  24. Lol Sierra, the romantic, the stars aligned? no Veronica made it happen
  25. Dan and his vlogging though
  26. Sierra’s thinking
  27. Omg she’s gonna play cupid
  28. Veronica is hella mean
  29. why is Sierra so chill
  30. I aspire to be like Sierra
  31. “I don’t want to be your friend” drops mic.
  32. Veronica’s room is so pink!!
  33. Flashback to Lara Jean’s teal room
  34. OMG Veronia’s mom
  35. Holy crap, her sisters
  36. I actually pity Veronica
  37. Damn, Sierra’s father is goals
  38. Spoken word is cool, that’s actually amazing
  39. I wish English class was like this
  40. French, Italian, and a little bit of Mandarin? Why is she so good at languages?
  41. Lol, that irony. Fat cells? C’mon mom.
  42. I feel so bad for Moronica right now
  43. This is bad parenthood
  44. damn those picture taking skills
  45. even while she’s crying, she’s pretty
  46. lol when you get a call, and you’re scared. jumping off the bed is me
  47. going under the covers is also me
  48. they’re actually so cute
  49. awwww JAMEY
  50. that speech is beautiful, Jamey,
  51. You have officially won my heart Noah
  52. THEY TALKED FOR 4 HOURS? The only 4-hour-long chat I had was while doing a physics lab
  53. Lol this goes to show how I’ve never had the full high school experience
  54. Lol when going to track is resume building
  55. doing EVERYTHING for resume building
  56. I love you Daniel
  57. Yess Daniel
  58. That running and hurdles though
  59. Ewwwwwww
  60. Veronica smiled! They’re becoming friends!
  61. why is this giving me Cyrano vibes
  62. Damn that collaboration
  63. Awww, Sierra my heart breaks for u
  64. They’re so cute together
  65. This is actually Cyrano
  66. Sierra has such a nice voice
  67. Oh no, say no Sierra
  68. You are in trouble
  69. When u pick up trash for uni apps
  70. Damn you know ASL, too?
  71. Lol Sierre is hella smart.
  72. Aww
  73. I sense jealousy
  74. Jamey being all nerdy.
  75. Ahhh the kiss!
  76. Lol I’m actually loving you right now Veronica.
  77. I want a friend like Veronica
  78. This is so cute and awkward and scary
  79. How does Jamey not know
  80. That’s so weird but cute
  81. I love Veronica/Sierra bonding moments.
  82. Party?
  83. Veronica is the best. How does she even.
  84. Why are Veronica’s friends such beotches
  85. Lol Sierra left alone in a party? Doesn’t sound so good
  86. Spence is dlafjs
  87. Sierras rainbow phone Case!
  88. Lol Veronica preaching off Plato
  89. Awwwww
  90. This phone call is so sad
  91. Lol that cliff hanger
  92. Awww this is so sad
  93. Noah is so cute
  94. These parents oml
  95. This is so cute
  96. This parenting is goals
  97. AHAHA To ground or not to ground, that is the question every parent should be asking
  98. Poor Dan
  99. Ack, someone’s gonna get their heart broken
  100. I love Sierra’s car. I want a yellow car
  101. Noooo I hate misunderstanding
  102. this is sad
  103. I’m sad
  104. lol we haven’t even gotten to the climax yet
  105. why you gotta be like this Sierra
  106. don’t be this mad
  107. Why is there so much silent treatment going on
  111. This is ugaeidfhaskdfh
  112. I love her english teacher
  113. that song
  114. Awww
  115. I’m crying
  116. her voice is so beautiful
  117. she DELETED him oml
  118. The pressure of having outstanding parents :’)
  119. Yes Veronica, tell your mom
  121. I love Veronica
  122. #newphonewhothis
  123.  **holds breath ** “You’re my type, you’re exactly my type.” **breathes out**
  124. Sunflower>Roses
  125. meanwhile, I’m wondering where the parents are O.o
  126. they’re so cuteeee
  127. Veronica is soo prettyyyyy
  128. awwwww they made upppp
  129. the power of music
  130. Yes Daniel must be loved as well
  131. Yes, epilogue leggo
  132. I wish straight A’s got people into unis
  133. Philosopher queen yesss
  134. shirtless selfies haahahaa
  135. Damn, Dani and his arguing skills
  136. Sighs, that was cute

Final Thoughts

Looking back, I realized how Veronica turned drastically from a scary enemy into Sierra’s bestie. I was so set on hating Veronica, but she ended up being my favorite character.

And I love how the directors didn’t try to change Sierra or make her become skinny or anything. This is really promising in the way media is trying to promote the idea of body image.

Though the whole idea of the movie was still a bit disturbing now that I look back at the whole movie. I mean, regardless of how sugar-coated it was, Sierra was still catfishing him and what she did to Veronica was awful. So even though there was Noah Centineo and an awesome soundtrack, I can’t ignore the whole basis which the movie was built upon.


So did you watch the film? What did you think about it?

4 thoughts on “136 Thoughts I had while watching Sierra Burgess is a Loser

  1. Lol, that Veronica does look pretty evil in the first photo 😂 Reading your list, I could see her slowly shifting into a nicer character. And yes, who does text anymore?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, at first, I thought I’d hate seeing the villain-to-hero transformation trope, but I couldn’t help but love Veronica in the end. It’s actually pretty crazy 😛


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