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Blogoween #13 | The Veil Is Thin

AAAAHHH We’re coming to an end to Blogoween and October! It’s been so much fun writing these posts and trying out new prompts.

Thank you to Clo @bookdragons for hosting Blogoween!

The 31st Oct is supposed to be a day when the veil between our world and the other world, is at it’s thinnest. As such, it was originally a day to ward of evil spirits; what spirits are you hoping to ward off? (e.g. paranormal characters, evil characters, writers block, procrastination etc.)


My list is not very original, but it speaks the truth:

Reader’s Slump

I think this is not as much of a problem as simply not having the time to read, but I really hope I don’t fall into another slump this year. I have so many books to catch up on so I CANNOT afford to lose any more time to a reading slump.

Tragic Characters/Books

Lol, this is really random, but I’ve been reading so many stories about tragic characters and books with sad endings. I now have a love-hate relationship with these kinds of books. Perhaps I’ll get into them again some other time, but right now, I’m looking for some nice fluffy light reads that will offset the gloomy weather.


Ack, I feel like the stress of senior year is already creeping up on me. But it is only natural. I just hope I don’t get too overwhelmed by it. It’s ok, we’ll get through this together! Sighs, I can’t believe graduation is in less than 7 months….


What do you hope to ward off? Yay, Blogoween was so much fun. And I’m actually so proud of myself for managing to write all these posts. October was a stressful month, but Blogoween made it so much fun to blog. Thank you all the hosts, and Happy Halloween!!!


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