Blogoween #12 | Halloween In A Fictional World

Today’s prompt is “pick any fictional world that you’d love to experience halloween in”.This prompt is by Clo @ Book Dragons.


That’s super easy for me: Caraval

As much as I wouldn’t admit it to any of my friends, I would love to dress up in formal and fancy dresses and costumes. I think the Victorian styled era that Caraval takes place in would be honestly beautiful.

The characters all seem super mystical and enigmatic, like Aiko, the histographer of Caraval or Nigel, the fortune teller.

Though first, I’d have to get an invitation to the game. To be honest, I’d probably spend all my days exploring the food and art and buildings rather than trying to find the grand prize. That’s just me 😛

I think I’m also biased to falling in love with Caraval because of the beautiful and flowery way that Stephanie Garbe describes the ornaments and dresses. It all sounds very enchanted and mystical. I’d love to go. After all, it’s only a game…


Where do you want to go??

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