Blogoween #8 | Love Spells

Prompt by Host: Jamsu @ jamsudreams

 “Love Spells: Favourite Ships at least one must be a supernatural creature”

So here are mine, not in any special order 😉


1. Scarlet and Wolf from Lunar Chronicles

Image result for scarlet and wolf

2. Patch and Nora from Hush Hush

3. Alec and Magnus from City of Bones



What are you favourites?


4 thoughts on “Blogoween #8 | Love Spells

  1. I agree with all of these! I’m glad to see Hush Hush here too. I feel like that series is so hated in these days.

    Do you mean Malec from the movie or book series? I’m just wondering since you only mention the first book. I love every Malec version.

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    1. Hush hush is one of my first YA series so it’s pretty much like a first love!
      Lol I still need to watch the TV series, is it good? The trailers look pretty amazing.
      And thanks for stopping by!


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