7 Things I love about Book Blogging

Hey Guys. Thank you so much for 100 followers! I thought that for the milestone that I would include a post about why I enjoy blogging and the books community. Honestly, even as school is becoming stressful, I always look forward to coming back to the book community to blog with you guys ❤


1. Reading More

Blogging gives me more of an incentive to read. I’m always excited to share my thoughts with you and see who else is reading the books.


2. Bloghopping

Sometimes I would go on a book blog rabbit hole where I fall from one book blog to the next. I love seeing content from others and I always get inspired and motivated to keep posting on my own blog. I haven’t even begun on the excitement from talking to other bloggers and leaving comments!

3. Book Tags

Tags are so much fun. I learn about others and you guys learn about me as well! I remember the excitement when I first got tagged. It really made me feel included in the community. Even though I only began doing tags recently, I find this a really great way to interact with other bloggers.

4. Supporting ARCs

I’m not the only one guilty of liking free books right? I love getting to read a book before its publication date and if I really enjoyed it, I love hyping it up like crazy **cough When Elephants Fly cough**. But it’s honestly the best seeing what happens on the day of publication, and so many bloggers begin supporting and promoting the book 😉


5. Gaining Confidence

Before being a book blogger, I always insecure about what I posted online or how I spoke. But with blogging, I found myself no longer afraid of writing through unfiltered lens. Whether it be a book rant or some non-bookish ramblings, I felt free to say anything I wanted without the fear of judgement. With book blogging, I became more comfortable with my online presence.

But more so, I’m no longer afraid of reaching out to others. I’m not a networking person, so the first few months on blogging was hard. I didn’t know what was socially acceptable and wasn’t sure whether my comments were appropriate. But as I started, it got easier. I think I really realized how much I’ve gained from this experience was when I gathered enough strength to email my favourite authors. And I was so happy when they replied. I realized how overcoming my fear of rejection and getting out of my comfort zone really brought me new opportunities and new friends.

6. Creating content

It’s so much fun creating posts to talk about my experiences and joys of book blogging. It’s also a great opportunity to get creative or personal with my blog. Sharing with you guys my thoughts is always a lot of fun, and I love reading your comments.

7. The Book Community

This is one of the most amazing communities I’ve seen. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. There’s always a thrill of ranting to others about books or mass supporting a book when it gets published. The sense of community that I get from you guys is what makes me love blogging so much, so thanks for everything!


Thank you guys again for sticking with me! Honestly, book blogging has become so much more to me over the months of blogging. It’s my secret alcove that I go to whenever I am stressed over school, competitions, and applications. Even amidst the chaos of everyday life, I love coming back to blog with you guys.




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