67 Thoughts I had while watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

The letters are out!

Ok, so earlier this month, I posted about the film trailer for All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. With all the hype around it, I was super excited to watch it. Let’s say that I was really happy I did. While I’m usually wary about film adaptations of novels, I really enjoyed this one. It was a light-hearted movie whose characters really make your heart flutter.

So here were some of my thoughts while watching the film.

Warning: contains some spoilers


  1. Lara Jean’s bedroom is just AHHHHHHRelated image
  2. Lara jean is so relateable, (maybe?) even more than in the book
  3. and her voice is so soothing and nice
  4. and I love her style
  5. ok, I don’t think I liked Margot from the start
  6. omergod
  7. go Lara Jean! lol that was the most spontaneous first kiss.
  8. and our ship has sailed LJ x PK
  9. the chemistry is real
  10. “How about I write you notes everyday?” Peter, can you please be real?Image result for to all the boys i loved before bedroom
  11. why does peter just get hotter and hotter?
  12. he also isn’t such a jerk in the movie
  13. (to myself) the high school parties that you never went to, Jennifer. sighs
  14. josh is so butt tight. I can’t
  15. like I get all tense whenever he talks
  16. poor Lara Jean
  17. why is it so hot? oh, wait cuz Peter Kavinsky is in the room, I mean on the screen 😉
  18. omergod I just love them together
  19. I feel like the movie brings in more nuances that you sometimes don’t pick up in the book
  20. this is so random, but I love the decor and setting, it’s so goals
  21. Kitty is adorable, her sass is ❤ ❤
  22. I liked the dad in the book, but the movie makes him even more awesome
  23. “the talk” with her father, oh my lord, I can’t stop laughing
  24. LAUV is playing. ok i officially love the song playlist
  25. the hot tub, I CAN’T BREATHE brb_dying
  26. why is her dress still dry, shouldn’t she be soaked?
  27. but they’re so cute
  28. yo Gen is ARGHHH
  29. No LJ, don’t fight with Peter
  30. No Josh, don’t you dare join the fight
  31. … he joined the fight
  32. Don’t cry LJ
  33. I love the random comedic relief with dad and kitty
  34. “I thought five chances at a boyfriend was better odds!” – Kitty, 2018
  35. Ok, I kind of like Margot a bit more. You go, big sister!
  36. Everybody wants to rule the world by Tears for Fears. Holy crap, I love this movie’s playlist (sry if I have weird tastes)
  37. yes daughter father bonding time
  38. This family is amazing
  39. can I be a Song girl too?
  40. Gen is so butt tight when she gets angry… but she’s so pretty too
  41. omergod I love the one-on-one talks
  42. I’m rooting for Josh, the best friend
  43. he’s actually pretty great… as a best friend
  45. Her screen saver is the most heartwarming thing ever
  46. Couple goals
    Noah Centineo and Lana Condor in To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)
  47. They just look perfect together
  48. Lara Jean’s fast walking is a bit cringe
  49. “I have to tell you something… I drove here.” oof that was anticlimactic, LJ
  50. Peter makes everything better
  51. I’m smiling so much
  53. He makes my heart skip
  54. i love him so much
  55. OMG
  56.  i
  57. can’t
  58. breathe
  59. they’re so cute
  60. I love them so much!!!
  61. THE END. I feel at peace
  62. or not
  63. oof I see John Ambrose
  64. but I can’t see his face
  65. THE SUSPENSE: the real question is WHO IS GOING TO BE JOHN AMBROSE
  66. I sense a sequel coming!!

Movie and Book Comparisons

  • It’s understandable that the movie couldn’t include everything, so they had to adjust or remove some of the subplots
  • It’s a bit sad they had to leave out things on Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship.
  • But you can still feel the chemistry, which was super great. At first, I was iffy about the casting for the characters. But the cast blew me away. Noah Centineo is a heartthrob and Lana Condor is so sweet. Anna Cathcart was such a great Kitty.
  • I love the movie’s focus on the characters. I enjoyed seeing their personalities illuminate through.
  • Lara Jean wasn’t as cringe as I anticipated. In the book, I found her actions on the edge of embarrassing, but Lana Condor managed to make everything Lara Jean do look cool instead.
  • I think the movie was definitely a plus for me. In the book, I took a while to warm up to Peter, but I fell in love with him in this adaptation. In the movie, he’s a lot more understanding and caring for Lara Jean and those around him. Of course, that means the directors were playing safe, but it’s so nice to have a ship to full-heartedly support.
  • Also in the book, there was no question of who LJ was going to be with. It was obviously Peter. This was no spoiler.
  • The nice thing about the movie is that it ends well in the end. A sequel isn’t really necessary… if you don’t watch the last five minutes 😛 But I’d love to see more of the cast so pleaseeeee let there be a  sequel


Final Thoughts

Like the rest of the book community, I was kind of nervous about how the movie would turn out, but I was so much better than I expected. I loved it. I think the cinematography was really great and accompanied the story quite well. Of course, the movie changed a few things, but it stayed loyal to the original novel as much as it could.

To sum up, I’m really glad that To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before became a movie. It brings the world of Lara Jean to life for the book lovers, and it now reaches out to the movie community as well. I feel like it is such an iconic high school romance that many of us adore and I hope that with the movie, we can share our love for Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky with even more people.


Let me know how you found the movie. What did you like about it? Do you want a sequel?

Happy watching!



5 thoughts on “67 Thoughts I had while watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

  1. I didn’t read the book at all and I just watched the movie. I did feel that Peter and Lara Jean’s should have had more scenes together in the movie even though their on-screen chemistry was already great. I just felt like they should have included MORE cutesy scenes of them.

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    1. True, I was also sort of disappointed that the producers had to cut out a bunch of stuff from the novel. I would have also liked it more if they had more scenes together. Though I definitely agree with you that the chemistry between them is pretty great 🙂

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