Summer Bucketlist: 8 thing to do before the summer is over

Hey guys! So we’re already HALFWAY done summer and there’s still so much I want to do. There’s still enough time to squeeze in some activities this August, but here are 8 awesome ideas I had in mind.



1. Go to the Beach

What is a summer without going to the beach? Whether it be sunbathing, swimming, or just finding another scenery to read your book, beaches seem like a must!

Related image

2. Geocaching

I just discovered this. And I really want to try it. It’s where you go around your neighbourhood go on a sort of scavenger hunt. Here’s the link:

Image result for geocaching

3. Food Tour

To all the foodies out there, I feel you. I’ve been spending this summer salivating over all social media videos of all the new restaurants and shops that are coming to town. I think it’s about time I check them out 🙂

Image result for bingsu

4. Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is definitely an option for those who still aren’t quite experienced with the sport. I truly would love to go a local gym and transform into a monkey.

5. Karaoke

They say, when you all suck, then there’s no hard feeling. Gather some of your closest friends and go down to a karaoke bar and sing your hearts out. I’m tone deaf, but I guess it’s ok when we all are.

6. Laser Tag

Time to be a kid again. Also adding in some good cardio and exercise. You’re never too old for it, after all.

7. Paintball

The more painful version of Laser Tag. I think it’s time to try it.


AHHH So many things to do!! I hope August will also be a fun month. What are you guys planning on doing?



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