5 Stages of Reading in GIFS


I thought it’d be fun showing my feelings before, during, and after the reading process. Here are my 5 stages of reading, accompanied by some GIFS. Enjoy!


1. The Wait


Do you ever wish that you could just physically grab the book out of Goodreads and read it immediately? The wait is the worst when it comes to final books in a series. **Ahem Caraval**

2. The Arrival


Must I explain the joy of obtaining the book in all its beauty? I think this GIF sums it up perfectly.

3. Falling in Love


All the time. Whether it be the characters, the ships, or the author’s writing. It’s the best when your friends are also reading the book. #fangirlinggoals

4. Saying Goodbye


The saddest thing is finishing a book and having to leave its world. Standalones or series, I would feel like there is an empty void in my chest. I hate saying goodbye to characters and wish that the author would just keep writing.

5. Reflecting Back


It’s funny. Sometimes, this happens immediately. Sometimes, it hits me like a tsunami a little later. All these feelings and emotions would suddenly emerge again out of nowhere.


I always love reading books that put a big impression on me. They’d leave me filled with emotions and thoughts. Overall, I’d find myself leaving the book with more perspective than entering it. And I think that’s the beauty of reading.

So there you go, my 5 stages of reading summed up in GIFS. Hope you liked it! Comment below what you thought. Are your stages different? Which one do you like the most?

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