Review: Pride and Prejudice by Stacy King

Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Stacy King, Po Tse, Jane Austen
Type: Graphic Novel
Genre: Classics
Publisher: Udon Entertainment
Date published: August 19, 2014
Format: Digital
Page Count: 377
Source: ARC via Netgalley

Rating: 4/5

First, I’d like to say that Pride and Prejudice is one of my (probably my only) favourite classics. So when I saw this manga, I didn’t hesitate to pick it up.

The adaptation of Pride and Prejudice in this novel was a different take on the classic. Focusing on certain parts of the story, it really captured the humour and style of the of the era through its scenes. Mrs. Bennet’s desire to marry off all her daughters and Lydia’s fancy for the soldiers were very prominent throughout the book. As said, many of the elements in the story had strongly emphasized. Nonetheless, I found the new perspective really fun to read.

The portrayal of some of the characters was quite comical **cough Mr Collins** and it made the plot all the more interesting. My only issue was that I found Mr Darcy a little more romantic than he should have been. Not that I really minded.

While at first, I was reluctant to read Pride and Prejudice in any other way than the original, I found the adaptation more refreshing as I read on.

I’m really glad I took the chance to read this adaptation, as I go to see the story in a different style and light. It got me hyped to read Pride and Prejudice, again!


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